Born into a hollow grid
whose dreams have long since perished
Inwardly forsaken
though outwardly embellished
Bovine and placid
we passively graze
a hopelessly flaccid
and tepid malaise

Habitual consumerist ritual contrition
…a word perfect sales pitch meanders
‘a slice of your soul for a better position’
Not even a trace of sincerity
of candour

Chewed to the bone
sup hapless on marrow
The bewildered blood-lust of the narrow minded

We whittle
the brittle veneer
Disrobing the hatred
who beds with our fear

A strained conception
bereft of affection
A Neon foetus
is sired
and soon
is mired
in a cellophane whom

Torn from abdominal packaging
A polythene bag
cannot stem the bleeding
The new life soon suckles
on the foetid teat of fascist inbreeding

Fear and hatred’s child
Still internal
Still stolidly steeped in the minds reaches
and feel it
Rising and ravenous
A rhythm of war
beneath affluent avarice.

Well versed in choosing from a tailored selection
A stark forest of focused fingers
Find direction

Fear and hatred
Clenched and set
find their make where knowledge made little
The solitary
The minority
Penned in
like cattle

A Dull thud
Concussed silence
An action repeated
adding substance to violence
The cricket bat shatters the side of her scull

Palpable unease
rendered reality
Acts so far removed from suburban banality
from inside
burns a hatred
for so long unsaid
Paved order runs red before eyes of lead


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