Sentences Generated By What Would I Say App

I came across this web app called What Would I Say. It parses what you’ve posted to facebook and generates random text based on this.

Rather than annoying all my facebook friends by posting loads of generated sentences, I’ll copy a few noteworthy ones here. It’s unlikely you’ll find the rearranged song lyrics, autobiographical minutiae, literary quotes, computer geekery and general weirdness as interesting as I do, nevertheless:


  • well I was only due to be tied up in the most popular newspaper for you?

  • This is very serious people I had help from a bee’s behind!

  • Minute, undetectable teapot, hear my plea!

  • I’ve been targeted by a car enthusiast.

  • ‘In a look of pride after devouring a bull elephant.

  • Cycling offroad without my epileptic vomiting donkey.

  • I wouldn’t enter into owl mode again.

  • may be developing a transsexual partner.

  • I wouldn’t legally be able to get an autotuned eunuch.

  • Thanks for all over my hoe’s from LA,Hawaii and Japan.

  • I’d prefer western ones, like a peado’

  • Each household appliance is like a boy I request, in Guatamala.’

  • It’s not the savoury scent of salt swol’n cunt. Swol’n indeed

  • I wouldn’t legally be allowed to socialize, becasue I have though the Yahoo toolbar, a child weeps.
  • ‘I can find myself masticating a large crow, and rather than other teachers from continental philosophy is illegal, as it is…
  • We’re supposed to have a tendency to contract HIV I’m afraid.

  • It is called Terminal std.

  • Hmm, maybe the fun’s diminished now

  • You may also have been awful quality.

  • I wouldn’t legally permitted to resent this…

  • is a big hunk of fruitbread full of clichés.

  • I’lll put it in the Guardian XD.

  • If only for the purposes of sleep, followed by cake.

  • That was £0.50 per book per book, per hour.


  • It is infinite, then it just phantom pain.

  • Dasein said ‘I am exposed. The former sounds like a year fairly hurried.
  • Life is a behaviour rather than this, I’ll toss a simple radio transmitter

  • Nope Baudrillard is smaller than patriarchy or later is still not

  • uncontrolled birthrates are so postmodern…

  • Bureaucracy is infinite, then started to realise that

  • ‘The mongrel cat came home, holding half my gender and only after drinking some…

  • My head feels as my outline.

  • I wouldn’t mind to drift in vinous mists as he does not

  • But I can’t help me

  • Damn you, body!

  • Also, since I was told to see humanity repeat the same atrocities again and again.

  • might actually vomit if it happened there, I swive, I think.

  • Would it kill him a photograph of some feminist writing

  • People from my gender are necessary because they are your plans?

  • Just noticed how about your existence is very serious people I sometimes find frustrating.

  • I wouldn’t be complete without you.

  • Using old Testament eyeforandeye. Or, if I think I always lie.

  • I wouldn’t mind some degree of erudition, otherwise be blinded by the basins, you

  • Nope Live in a relationship with unpopular ideas. ‘


  • No large crow, and rather sensitive about my old fashioned, but I’m of water filter was full of owls!

  • I wouldn’t legally be developing a vampiric complexion, is called starvation.’ Harsh but spoton Dawkins.

  • at the while, valuable and dangerous, I had to do something to power ‘Some ideas simply too old fashioned, but I’m moving through a Fulltime undergraduate BA in Nazi regaila!

  • Having trouble containing the violence. The purposes of human beings, so identity politics and ruddy a charity fundraiser of my wandering fancy and literature in equal measures = false; Improve clothingMesh; if anyone starts on a video related injury, I’m filing a sign of negligible intelligence

  • Too much for teen boys to ignore the violence. The difference between a joist and a fresh cadaver?

  • fine art* Alas, the shafts of his vocabulary consisted of electronic versions of human beings, so this

  • Revolting!…The verb.’ BJ ‘Oh.. dear… Well I was thinking of phalocentricity.

  • Middle aged chap who never really went well, though the sun in pale maudlin winter…

  • Just noticed my male insecurities ‘Your unique contribution to shoot footage when I have also shag stuff.

  • It is contrary to find I can repay the weekend’s serotonin debt in the most of my wit’s blade, though blunt it works. Worst grades I’ve had gotten from a bee’s behind!

  • Dancing to metal is fucking intense, nearly wrenched my hoe’s from the art scene in decline when I applied for a JSON handling library I’m afraid so, when his company entered the majority of jumpers, walk up with a lot of interest in suffering in my tongue, when you

  • Ignoring the current rates of dull throbbing pain in Loughborough yet?

  • Terrorism is fine, although I do hear a bit defensive. One way to sadder shores Your sense another six inches I request, in view these models as such, I suppose.

  • Took me of my actions carry a torpor, located, as pure relationship. Then we can actually feel my brain has been found in any of his lifestyle a woman, one becomes the weight my brazen, bawdy, tawdry bed Nothing more

  • Surprisingly, I quite popular at the body’s interminable shifting and reconstruction in the savoury scent of a blank grey soul glows red for a big fan of idealism. I get that

  • Any cretinous Americans celebrating Osama bin Laden’s death should have to change their minds, under present circumstances, Labour actually buy this

  • I wouldn’t enter there You’ve nothing I had a test when I have been awful daylight, although it will be blood on the following categories White, male bodies.’ Hopefully my dissertation on seagull behaviour such a considerable investment is higher and boring weekend after so much for teen boys will be as forests fell’d Before the class or sexuality. I agree with nothing to implement’. Anyway, only this

  • Look for a cogent point, as the male, middle aged chap who walks around the corner was thinking about how I miss any of us actually vomit black letters on this

  • Appears to have left half a pigeon in a point, but I’m thinking of being vegan for pricks and on one until this

  • The time and work every one example of copyright violation, child porn, or the lingual order of compulsory heterosexuality later if I do I miss any serious trouble believing that

  • This is very lanky, it’s a platonic love, is very articulate gentleman, got a sacrin syrup of insincerity drips from the 19th century onwards, which concerns itself with more

  • your name like ice, into my private key card may be a bit my head which I think they’ve just got a behaviour of Scotch now…

  • There was painfully close to woo the female with a common source of headaches gametessperm and 15 minutes of their aid all the kind of me

  • Has been deflowered and think she’s brave but callous as it will field an electricblue flinch or something like 1.7 on Demonoid, if I sometimes find myself violently, as the power asymmetry present it; dry, static and have to imply that

  • Why are women the World, dump her barren womb mirror. And his multiple spouse wounds

  • Remember when Teachers, Civil disobedience against an authoritarian regime in The fridge, crawling with his partner’s like a cat person, so no.

  • ‘So that’s the theory at LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY Your tuition fee coming on It’s numbing a human error into the News of the crowd and the notion of reality.

  • Yeah, I swive, I strive for pricks and on my old topic. I was nice to or trust. Luckily my fire In restless dreams I’ll toss a blur. As you

  • Hungover, sleepdeprived and 2011/12 student Finance declaration forms neural pathways so strong they can withstand even

  • incommodumludusophilia A great reputation for male attention in a crowded public space, repeatedly hearing myself violently, as friction relies on both look like manner.

  • I wouldn’t have rationality and I hardly the way outside what looked like a pulled muscle in my head feels as my books list is.

  • and the case scenario, I wonder what they just look like be in bad press’ — I’ve spent six weeks left to be interested to see deeper, see abstractly and above another, and thin, distorted and thin, distorted and thin, distorted and thin

  • My head feels great hurry, the towers of gender, race, class or other small six legged insects, and finish this

  • Teenagers swarmed in, shouting Bwap, bwap.’ Did they all the walls are hidden behind bars in the arse!

  • A’ LEAST I think I have my solemn assurances, bitches will put masculinities forward led to a similar joke.

  • so…sickened, I’m moving through the skin, the phosphorescent goose that

  • and the the the funniest fictional personae in front of one to avoid eye contact, you

  • Nothing like a spade. In public view abstract painting can give us the body’s states to be tied up in the rules Grab the book closest to deal with a University planted on the face when I suppose…


  • Fork?

  • It’s not noun.

  • x doesn’t wish to a grownup mood’.

  • Come back here again’ SLAG Return to cuddle afterwards?’ Frankie Boyle

  • ‘Thank you for your wall — so much platitudinous Drivel.

  • Cycled from Kings Cross to Essex, only to see the beer Belly.

  • Portal induced motion suicide

  • student finance England’s GDP isn’t falling anymore so no

  • They are rather disgusting…

  • Two hours of psychological harm this

  • could eat a pocket monster in your sleep.

  • In all honesty, I’m still be able to do a little smile

  • We’re supposed to be perfectly capable of seeping

  • Sometimes I might look into ridges and essays can eat a salad and humus sandwich

  • Yes It’s hexadecimal for a DDoS attack, TPB blocked by the Velvet wings of night and I’m told.

  • I wouldn’t kill you A desire for flesh And real social behaviour is illegal, as it has been. Right

  • collected data on a bit, it seems it’ll do.’ Feeling nauseous and depressed

  • This is the towers of huge bundles of files from USB drives, so um, a week

  • Calcified Zygotes ‘Crack em open eyes’

  • It’s not I do have an abortion, I expected as much.

  • Unfortunately, they don’t know if I look at 1600 * 900 px.

  • 12 or 1 followed by cake.

  • The time they just been diagnosed with FPTP…

  • lol, I tried being vegan for the other JRPGs for oil.

  • Alan Partridge, much to sort out

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