we violate
the stillness beneath seas
We do it again
and again
and again

We the uncomprehending tick
that swells
with the valueless seed
of another
the other

We devour
We ignite our remains
We ignite our remains

We shed
sharp geometries
Weave them into our offspring
Strip and dissect
Brand and discipline

We watch ourselves pace
endless rows
of kennels
We incinerate our own
We incinerate our own

In front of screens
we degenerate
into a twitching
Our electric atavism
burning senseless paths
through atrophied grey matter
We latch onto an orange anus
spewing hate
it feeds us
we feed it

We crowd around ourself
Leave ourself
dying on a cold pavement
We flare red for an instant
fade to colourless flaccidity

We exhaust our remains
Our patterns frantically shift
we lose our struggle
against the cold regularity
the oceans
of stillness

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