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Once you swam in me

I would hold you
as you slept
and keep you from drowning

When you woke
I would often pull you
to my depths
A mounting dull roar
in your ears
A faint glimmer above
as you gurgled
through a whirlpool
of salt air
I opened
for you

You would sometimes cling
to passing driftwood
But with tidal inevitability
I would envelop you
Still holding
a rough plank
or worn bough
or empty-handed
you would slowly
slowly sink into me

Once you swam
heedless of fatigue
toward a white spot
toward a bobbing brightness
toward a pontoon
I had torn
from a large boat
Grasping at the remains
of its metal frame
you clambered atop it
And there
I could no longer have
my fill
of you

You assembled a nest
of flotsam
You now know
every piece of wood
every scrap of plastic
It comforts you
that there are only
so many ways
to arrange them

Do not forget
that my fish
feed you
That my currents
determine your course
and can dash you
against sharp
however you may toil
with your salt-worn paddle

Do not forget
it is my surface
that shimmers
with reflections
of lush land
that turns out
to be nothing
but waves
in me
whose bitter spray
you taste
as they break

it decides
to dissect​
and inspect
you inside
like an insect
its interest a
pin though
your abdomen
and into
its stark

around you
of other twitching
insect bodies
by compound vision
some dead
all skewered
six legs
or fewer

a rattling
cacophony of
rasping clicks
a metallic
of fat sallow
love-filled ticks
unable to muster
the will to rupture

amid the grid
of pulsing nausea
you’re only aware
of your own
of the oozing hole
that holds you in place
exposes your viscera
to its inquisitive gaze
brittle layers of
bitterness flayed
wounds of want
and self-pity displayed
layers of defensive
constructs arrayed
on tables

A noble line of greatness
stretches from antiquity
You march toward its forefront
to claim your legacy

You think a throne awaits you
you’ll be fastened to a stock
where the vermin that fellate you
drive broken glass into your cock

A capering clown
puts a paper crown
on your solemn lowered head
you’ll bleed out like a stuck pig
though never fully dead

You’ll never rest Orestes
though your mother’s ghost will come
to find you in your torment
and you’ll manage ‘fuck off mum!’
You’re slumped and bowed in silence
Softly she will plea
You disavowed me with your violence
Why did you murder me?

You now survey your kingdom
through undulating vision
the dirt you are
the dirt beneath you

You find it hard to swallow
that the blind dreck of this world
Not the sheer will of Apollo
did your body’s being build

your chest a feeble fluttering thud
your head a heavy jug of blood
no matter how much flows
from dark tissue exposed

of occasionally stuffing my heart
with inebriated fucks
never fully mine

What I really need
is a phlebotomist
with warm eyes
who asks me
to take off my coat

I hand her my form
and sit down
snugly preserved
in duplicate
within her two
amber eyes

She nods
as I extend my arm
and slide the sleeve of my shirt
above the crook of my elbow

Above this
she wraps the tourniquet
feeding its elasticated strap into
its plastic buckle
drawing it tight

‘This will sting a little’
The needle punctures my skin
enters my vein
I sigh out
a voiceless lungful of air

She fits a glass tube
to the needle’s housing
Glug glug
my blood
its vacuum
‘You’ve very strong’
she murmurs

Feebly now
dark red pulses
into the third tube
She withdraws the needle
a cotton swab in its place
taped to my elbow
‘so it doesn’t get on your shirt’

She turns to her samples
and papers
and scribbles
without a glance
she says
‘you can go’

We exchange a
cascade of

Sick of occasionally stuffing my heart
With inebriated fucks
never fully mine

What I really need
is a phlebotomist
with warm eyes
who asks me
to take off my coat

A habit
I had hoped
sees me return
to an uneven mattress
dreams for hours
of a life foreswarn
the remainder lived

Leaden legs
and bleary eyes that
peer at leaden skies
through a rain
specked pane of glass
Autumnal curtains
gently pulse
and endless
cars and people pass

Now in so few ways inured
to the soporific haze
of a dream-leeched
day endured
let alone the
grimy little
hours that
gathered days
months that piled
heaped a year of stolen youth

A life that barely
filled half
a shared
its white walls
crumpled bed-linen
and radiator

It’s small
I sit
I examine the suture
over the void
that was my future

I came across this web app called What Would I Say. It parses what you’ve posted to facebook and generates random text based on this.

Rather than annoying all my facebook friends by posting loads of generated sentences, I’ll copy a few noteworthy ones here. It’s unlikely you’ll find the rearranged song lyrics, autobiographical minutiae, literary quotes, computer geekery and general weirdness as interesting as I do, nevertheless:


  • well I was only due to be tied up in the most popular newspaper for you?

  • This is very serious people I had help from a bee’s behind!

  • Minute, undetectable teapot, hear my plea!

  • I’ve been targeted by a car enthusiast.

  • ‘In a look of pride after devouring a bull elephant.

  • Cycling offroad without my epileptic vomiting donkey.

  • I wouldn’t enter into owl mode again.

  • may be developing a transsexual partner.

  • I wouldn’t legally be able to get an autotuned eunuch.

  • Thanks for all over my hoe’s from LA,Hawaii and Japan.

  • I’d prefer western ones, like a peado’

  • Each household appliance is like a boy I request, in Guatamala.’

  • It’s not the savoury scent of salt swol’n cunt. Swol’n indeed

  • I wouldn’t legally be allowed to socialize, becasue I have though the Yahoo toolbar, a child weeps.
  • ‘I can find myself masticating a large crow, and rather than other teachers from continental philosophy is illegal, as it is…
  • We’re supposed to have a tendency to contract HIV I’m afraid.

  • It is called Terminal std.

  • Hmm, maybe the fun’s diminished now

  • You may also have been awful quality.

  • I wouldn’t legally permitted to resent this…

  • is a big hunk of fruitbread full of clichés.

  • I’lll put it in the Guardian XD.

  • If only for the purposes of sleep, followed by cake.

  • That was £0.50 per book per book, per hour.


  • It is infinite, then it just phantom pain.

  • Dasein said ‘I am exposed. The former sounds like a year fairly hurried.
  • Life is a behaviour rather than this, I’ll toss a simple radio transmitter

  • Nope Baudrillard is smaller than patriarchy or later is still not

  • uncontrolled birthrates are so postmodern…

  • Bureaucracy is infinite, then started to realise that

  • ‘The mongrel cat came home, holding half my gender and only after drinking some…

  • My head feels as my outline.

  • I wouldn’t mind to drift in vinous mists as he does not

  • But I can’t help me

  • Damn you, body!

  • Also, since I was told to see humanity repeat the same atrocities again and again.

  • might actually vomit if it happened there, I swive, I think.

  • Would it kill him a photograph of some feminist writing

  • People from my gender are necessary because they are your plans?

  • Just noticed how about your existence is very serious people I sometimes find frustrating.

  • I wouldn’t be complete without you.

  • Using old Testament eyeforandeye. Or, if I think I always lie.

  • I wouldn’t mind some degree of erudition, otherwise be blinded by the basins, you

  • Nope Live in a relationship with unpopular ideas. ‘


  • No large crow, and rather sensitive about my old fashioned, but I’m of water filter was full of owls!

  • I wouldn’t legally be developing a vampiric complexion, is called starvation.’ Harsh but spoton Dawkins.

  • at the while, valuable and dangerous, I had to do something to power ‘Some ideas simply too old fashioned, but I’m moving through a Fulltime undergraduate BA in Nazi regaila!

  • Having trouble containing the violence. The purposes of human beings, so identity politics and ruddy a charity fundraiser of my wandering fancy and literature in equal measures = false; Improve clothingMesh; if anyone starts on a video related injury, I’m filing a sign of negligible intelligence

  • Too much for teen boys to ignore the violence. The difference between a joist and a fresh cadaver?

  • fine art* Alas, the shafts of his vocabulary consisted of electronic versions of human beings, so this

  • Revolting!…The verb.’ BJ ‘Oh.. dear… Well I was thinking of phalocentricity.

  • Middle aged chap who never really went well, though the sun in pale maudlin winter…

  • Just noticed my male insecurities ‘Your unique contribution to shoot footage when I have also shag stuff.

  • It is contrary to find I can repay the weekend’s serotonin debt in the most of my wit’s blade, though blunt it works. Worst grades I’ve had gotten from a bee’s behind!

  • Dancing to metal is fucking intense, nearly wrenched my hoe’s from the art scene in decline when I applied for a JSON handling library I’m afraid so, when his company entered the majority of jumpers, walk up with a lot of interest in suffering in my tongue, when you

  • Ignoring the current rates of dull throbbing pain in Loughborough yet?

  • Terrorism is fine, although I do hear a bit defensive. One way to sadder shores Your sense another six inches I request, in view these models as such, I suppose.

  • Took me of my actions carry a torpor, located, as pure relationship. Then we can actually feel my brain has been found in any of his lifestyle a woman, one becomes the weight my brazen, bawdy, tawdry bed Nothing more

  • Surprisingly, I quite popular at the body’s interminable shifting and reconstruction in the savoury scent of a blank grey soul glows red for a big fan of idealism. I get that

  • Any cretinous Americans celebrating Osama bin Laden’s death should have to change their minds, under present circumstances, Labour actually buy this

  • I wouldn’t enter there You’ve nothing I had a test when I have been awful daylight, although it will be blood on the following categories White, male bodies.’ Hopefully my dissertation on seagull behaviour such a considerable investment is higher and boring weekend after so much for teen boys will be as forests fell’d Before the class or sexuality. I agree with nothing to implement’. Anyway, only this

  • Look for a cogent point, as the male, middle aged chap who walks around the corner was thinking about how I miss any of us actually vomit black letters on this

  • Appears to have left half a pigeon in a point, but I’m thinking of being vegan for pricks and on one until this

  • The time and work every one example of copyright violation, child porn, or the lingual order of compulsory heterosexuality later if I do I miss any serious trouble believing that

  • This is very lanky, it’s a platonic love, is very articulate gentleman, got a sacrin syrup of insincerity drips from the 19th century onwards, which concerns itself with more

  • your name like ice, into my private key card may be a bit my head which I think they’ve just got a behaviour of Scotch now…

  • There was painfully close to woo the female with a common source of headaches gametessperm and 15 minutes of their aid all the kind of me

  • Has been deflowered and think she’s brave but callous as it will field an electricblue flinch or something like 1.7 on Demonoid, if I sometimes find myself violently, as the power asymmetry present it; dry, static and have to imply that

  • Why are women the World, dump her barren womb mirror. And his multiple spouse wounds

  • Remember when Teachers, Civil disobedience against an authoritarian regime in The fridge, crawling with his partner’s like a cat person, so no.

  • ‘So that’s the theory at LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY Your tuition fee coming on It’s numbing a human error into the News of the crowd and the notion of reality.

  • Yeah, I swive, I strive for pricks and on my old topic. I was nice to or trust. Luckily my fire In restless dreams I’ll toss a blur. As you

  • Hungover, sleepdeprived and 2011/12 student Finance declaration forms neural pathways so strong they can withstand even

  • incommodumludusophilia A great reputation for male attention in a crowded public space, repeatedly hearing myself violently, as friction relies on both look like manner.

  • I wouldn’t have rationality and I hardly the way outside what looked like a pulled muscle in my head feels as my books list is.

  • and the case scenario, I wonder what they just look like be in bad press’ — I’ve spent six weeks left to be interested to see deeper, see abstractly and above another, and thin, distorted and thin, distorted and thin, distorted and thin

  • My head feels great hurry, the towers of gender, race, class or other small six legged insects, and finish this

  • Teenagers swarmed in, shouting Bwap, bwap.’ Did they all the walls are hidden behind bars in the arse!

  • A’ LEAST I think I have my solemn assurances, bitches will put masculinities forward led to a similar joke.

  • so…sickened, I’m moving through the skin, the phosphorescent goose that

  • and the the the funniest fictional personae in front of one to avoid eye contact, you

  • Nothing like a spade. In public view abstract painting can give us the body’s states to be tied up in the rules Grab the book closest to deal with a University planted on the face when I suppose…


  • Fork?

  • It’s not noun.

  • x doesn’t wish to a grownup mood’.

  • Come back here again’ SLAG Return to cuddle afterwards?’ Frankie Boyle

  • ‘Thank you for your wall — so much platitudinous Drivel.

  • Cycled from Kings Cross to Essex, only to see the beer Belly.

  • Portal induced motion suicide

  • student finance England’s GDP isn’t falling anymore so no

  • They are rather disgusting…

  • Two hours of psychological harm this

  • could eat a pocket monster in your sleep.

  • In all honesty, I’m still be able to do a little smile

  • We’re supposed to be perfectly capable of seeping

  • Sometimes I might look into ridges and essays can eat a salad and humus sandwich

  • Yes It’s hexadecimal for a DDoS attack, TPB blocked by the Velvet wings of night and I’m told.

  • I wouldn’t kill you A desire for flesh And real social behaviour is illegal, as it has been. Right

  • collected data on a bit, it seems it’ll do.’ Feeling nauseous and depressed

  • This is the towers of huge bundles of files from USB drives, so um, a week

  • Calcified Zygotes ‘Crack em open eyes’

  • It’s not I do have an abortion, I expected as much.

  • Unfortunately, they don’t know if I look at 1600 * 900 px.

  • 12 or 1 followed by cake.

  • The time they just been diagnosed with FPTP…

  • lol, I tried being vegan for the other JRPGs for oil.

  • Alan Partridge, much to sort out

This fast food stand
stands fast
against a bucolic backdrop
on the edge of one of the jaws
of suburbia’s pliers
that clasp a wedge of countryside
It stands in the corner of a parking lot
beside a pub
from which drunken karaoke
sometimes bumbles up
to my bedroom window

Sluggish and gummy-eyed
he shuts the side-door
against the cold
fills the trays with salad
turns on the grill
It warms up
Buds and shoots emerge
amid chirping
above scurrying
and tentative foraging

This fast food stand
stood fast
against my gaze
against days
and days of recession
nights of depression
Frigwell Kebabs Burgers & Chicken
The sign is backlit
competing with the street-lights
The nearby pair
of pregnant glass hemispheres
holding incandescent foetuses
hung from concave black cones
on tapering triangular brackets

This fast food stand
between me
and the distant
glimmering rows of lights
onto which
I project my hopes
of a me-shaped vacancy
in the dynamism of London
Though I know they are just
part of another suburb
perhaps solid and clear
to its own fools
staring out of their own windows
at distant lights

The foliage behind the stand
absorbs the unrelenting sun
with far more grace
than the people
The year-round orange of fake tan
takes on a reddish hue
as it masks sunburn
but even in
this sweltering heat
there is demand for
sweating meat

This fast food stand
that stood fast
during my year
of relative poverty
and effective isolation
waiting for an EU passport
punctuated by threats
from the university debt collector
will stand fast
as I whittle away
at some project
or other
eventually getting a half-respectable job
and giving up on this
art and writing

A grey sheet of cloud hangs overhead
He lifts a white sheet of metal
to reveal a compact kitchen
and form a small awning
above the gathering schoolchildren
They yap their orders
and squirt condiments
into polystyrene trays
Rain pools on the flat roof
A boy in a hooded tracksuit
frenetically paces the tarmac
mobile in hand
This fast food stand
soggily abandoned
and dimly visible
as the night-time branches above
and caress a street-light

This fast food stand
will stand fast
the gradual erosion of civil liberties
impinge on anyone’s right
to get pissed after work and have a kebab
Until we are all palpably powerless
and stripped of all privacy
every now and then
we who feel it approaching
can enact
our habitual ritual of contrition
and sign another petition

The final ragged leaf
clings to the damp tarmac
The sinuous skeletal products
of an unhalting pursuit of nourishment
are naked
Steam exhaled
and exuded
by grey meat
as a single
chip slips
onto dirty slush

This fast food stand
will stand fast
as the finite
runs out
and more of us slip
below the poverty line
The government suppresses
a desperate and angry multitude
The world is overpopulated
You wish you’d never copulated
You’re not even stricken with grief
that instead of chicken and beef
the stand now serves textured human protein
The ultimate monoculture